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We are the original school at SIU and that means we have nearly 150 years of experience in shaping the educators who make a difference in the world. With our expanded role in human services, we continue our mission, helping students explore possibilities, fulfill dreams and change lives.

We are a leader in off campus and online education. You can achieve your career goals on campus or in classrooms, agencies, military bases and organizations around the world.

Our programs and initiatives continually earn national recognition and our students enjoy the best of both worlds - strong academic programs combined with hands-on field experience in real work settings. At SIU, you will enjoy close interaction with our award-winning faculty and our supportive academic advisors and staff.

We are a diverse school, offering a wide variety of majors. With undergraduate, master's, doctoral and certification programs, we can take you as far as you want to go.

Dean M Cecil Smith

Dean M Cecil Smith

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Grow Your Own Teachers

We have partnered with a state-sponsored Grow Your Own Teachers grant (GYO) and are seeking non-traditional students who desire to work in high-need teaching positions in Early Childhood, serving rural and minority communities throughout Illinois.

School Facilities

Our classes meet in several beautiful and historic buildings across SIU's campus. Depending upon your academic field, you may learn in Pulliam Hall or the Wham Building. Our outstanding faculty assure that, no matter what the venue, you will have an unparalleled learning experience.

Wham Building

Wham BuildingOften called “the educational building,” Wham is located at 625 Wham Drive. A hotbed of knowledge and groundbreaking clinical work, Wham, is where you’ll find the School's administration offices. Wham also houses the Office of Teacher Education and the academic programs and faculty offices for the School of Education.

Pulliam Hall

Pulliam HallTopped by the iconic clock tower, Pulliam Hall is right in the heart of campus at 475 Clocktower Drive. Its rich history and storybook ceramic tiles harken back to the University’s origin as a teacher’s college. Beneath the bells beckoning students to the halls of learning are two academic programs: Educational Administration and Higher Education, and Workforce Education and Development.

Quigley Hall

Quigley HallThe Eileen E. Quigley Hall, constructed in 1959, was originally the Home Economics building. Today the Child Development Laboratories (CDL) is housed in Quigley Hall. The CDL is used for clinical placements and practicum experiences for our Child and Family Services and Early Childhood programs.

Center for Workforce Development

Center for Workforce DevelopmentThe SIU Center for Workforce Development (CWD) in Chatham, Illinois has been implementing statewide education, leadership and technology advancement projects for over 20 years. Currently, the CWD has a primary role with carrying out several projects for the State of Illinois.