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America Reads Spring 2022 Cohort Graduation Ceremony

America Reads Design Scholars Program

America Reads Design Scholars Program is a 16-week after school program that teaches design thinking and three-dimensional (3D) printing skills to promote reading, math, and science literacies. The SIU federal work study students serve as tutors at local schools and facilitate various design challenges using Tinkercad, an online 3D modeling web program. This is an extension of the makerspace concept where students are encouraged to imagine, create, test, re-design and learn from failures that are part of the 21st century competencies.

Our curriculum embraces the Universal Design for Learning framework. It allows multiple entry points for a learner by providing diverse opportunities for transdisciplinary STEAM learning connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with Arts. We encourage our students to incorporate design thinking using digital tools, paper art works like origami, cardboard, and other recycled materials to express their creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

3D image of SIU letters within a cube and a dice.

Level 1-Phase 1 Module

Designing 3D printable Math Shapes

3D printable image of a gear

Level 1-Phase 2 Module

Creating Hollow 3D Printable Designs

Model of hinges that snap together

Level 1-Phase 3 Module

Making 3D Printable Hinges

A mars rover inspired three-dimensional model.

Level 2-Phase 1 Module

Aligning and Embedding 3D Printable Artifacts

Student demonstrating a paper-based flexi-cube three dimensional model.

Level 2-Phase 2 Module

Constructing a Flexi-Cube with Paper, Cardboard or Tissue Boxes

Three dimensional model of a flexible infinity cube.

Level 2-Phase 3 Module

Designing a 3D Printable Flexi-Cube 

 3D model of bookmark and articulated key chain holder.

Level 3-Phase 1 Module

Articulated or String 3D Printable Designs

 A three-dimensional model of a mobile phone holder.

Level 3-Phase 2 Module

Designing a 3D printable Mobile Holder

 3D model of a prosthetic hand.

Level 3-Phase 3 Module

Making a 3D Printable Prosthetic Hand