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The School of Education would like to help you fulfill your dreams!

Our School offers many scholarships - more than $150,000 in tuition assistance - specifically for our students. This is in addition to the academic scholarships SIU awards upon admission. 

The Saluki Scholarship Portal is a place where both incoming admitted students and continuing students can apply for donor-funded scholarships awarded by the School of Education. Every year, in the Fall, sign in and complete a new general application and any supplemental applications for which you are eligible. 

To apply:

  1. Click the button below.
  2. Click on the "Sign In" button in the top right corner.
  3. Log into the system using your SIU Network ID and Password.
  4. Complete the general application. The application can be completed in one sitting or you may save it and finish it later. However, you must complete the application by February 1st.

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Scholarships in the School of Education

  • Arthur and Sammye Aikman Educational Council of 100 Scholarship
  • Arthur M. Horne Student Award
  • Audrey Tomera Memorial Scholarship
  • Banes College of Education and Human Services Scholarship
  • Beggs Family Scholarship
  • Bernice Newton Gore Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • Bettye and Gene Lauderdale Scholarship
  • Bill G. and Marjorie Allen Scholarship
  • Bryan-Peak Endowed Scholarship
  • Business and Professional Women's (BPW) Organization of Carbondale Scholarship (WED)
  • College of Education African American Award
  • College of Education Alumni Scholarship
  • College of Education and Human Services Undergraduate Scholarship
  • College of Education Scholarship
  • Cummings Scholarship
  • Delyte W. Morris Scholarship - School of Education
  • Donald E. Starzyk Family Scholarship
  • Donald Ray and Charlene Yandell Family Scholarship
  • Dormalee Lindberg Scholarship
  • Dorothy J. Ramp Endowed Scholarship for Elementary Education
  • Dr. Cleveland and Mrs. Yvonne Hammonds Scholarship
  • Dr. Cynthia Howard Sims Diversity and Inclusion Fund
  • Dr. Patricia Dey Cuendet Scholarship
  • E. Lyle and Nedean Golliher Sparks Special Education Scholarship
  • Educational Administration and Foundations Emeritus Faculty Scholarship
  • Elementary Education Student Organization (EESO) Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Portz Scholarship
  • Elmer J. and Grace C. Clark Doctoral Scholar Award
  • Evelyn Patton Fuller Scholarship
  • Fornear Family Scholarship
  • George D. & Edith Wham Education Scholarship
  • Gladys Kelly Smith Education Scholarship
  • Glenn Abe Martin Student Award
  • Hazel Loucks Scholarship
  • Heritage Scholarship
  • J. Murray and Myrtle F. Lee Scholarship
  • James D. and Nancy L. Quisenberry Scholarship
  • John Ficks and Judy Albert Ficks Endowed Scholarship
  • Julius A. and Norma H. Johnson Scholarship
  • Leo J. Brown Teacher Education Scholarship
  • Lida Lisenby Taylor Future Educator Scholarship
  • Lita Hindman Luebbers Scholarship
  • Lynnette C. Wolff Scholarship
  • Marcia Peitzmeier Anderson Workforce Education and Development Award
  • Marilyn A. Black Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • Marita A. Weaver Scholarship
  • Mary Nola Carter Award
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Scholarship
  • Melinda and Pete LaBarre Elementary Education Scholarship
  • Michael G. Sutherland Scholarship
  • Michael J. Foss Scholarship for Workforce Education
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship
  • Miryam Assaf-Keller, Ph.D. Scholarship
  • Mitchel and Carol Livingston Scholarship
  • Moore-Menendez Scholarship
  • Nancy V. Montgomery Education Scholarship
  • Patricia Borgsmiller Elmore and Donald E. Elmore Doctoral Scholar Award
  • Queen Future Teacher Scholarship
  • Rafi and Zohreh Scholarship
  • Raymond and Helen Kemp Foster Scholarship Fund
  • Reverend William Richard Sarvela Award
  • Rex and Mary Ann Gholson Scholarship
  • Rhine Latowsky Harrison Scholarship in Education
  • Robert W. Davis Memorial Scholarship - Education
  • Roberta Lung-Halbrook Scholarship
  • Rogers Memorial Scholarship
  • Ronald P. Centanni Scholarship for Teacher Education Fund
  • Rosemary Bryant Memorial Award
  • Roye R. and Floralee Q. Bryant Education Scholarship
  • Sue L. Nguyen Scholarship
  • Todd Headrick Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Students in Education
  • Treece Elementary Education Scholarship
  • Troy W. & Richadene Edwards Education Scholarship
  • University School Memorial Scholarship
  • W. G. McCracken Scholarship
  • W. Russell & June Rice Malan Memorial Scholarship
  • Wayne S. Ramp Vocational Education Endowed Scholarship
  • WED Merit Award
  • Workforce Education and Development Scholarship