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Faculty Mentoring Program

The mentoring program in the School of Education is designed to promote the development of productive academic careers on new tenure-track faculty. The Dean of the School will match new tenure-track faculty members who choose to participate in the program with an Associate or Professor to serve as a mentor. The program is entirely voluntary for both the mentor and protégé.

Role of the Mentor

Mentors guide and facilitate the academic career of a new or junior level faculty member. Mentoring activities may include:

  • Assisting the protégé in getting acquainted with SIU and SOE policies and procedures
  • Supporting the protégé's professional development activities
  • Helping the protégé assimilate into the profession at the national level
  • Advising the protégé on the promotion and tenure process
  • Collaborating on research where appropriate
  • Assisting with locating resources to help with on campus on on-line course development providing feedback on grant proposals, manuscripts, and conference presentations

Additional SOE Mentoring Activities

  • New faculty orientation in the fall
  • Orientation to the mentoring program for all participants
  • Development of mentor/protégé relationships
  • In-service training applying for grants, publishing in refereed journals, and excellence in teaching

To Become a Mentor or Protégé

Complete the attached form and send to:

Dean's Office
School of Education
Wham 115
Mailcode 4624

LiveText Users

The utilization of LiveText, an electronic assessment system, allows educational students the opportunity to develop electronic portfolios and submit assignments online. It allows a holistic framework for reflection upon the central issues of teaching and learning, aligned with reflective writing required of candidates at earlier levels in the Teacher Education Programs. The portfolio involves process as well as a product; you will create a meaningful record of your performance during your course of study, during professional semester and to engage in ongoing reflection while applying your new teaching skills.

For more information contact:

Dr. Jessica L. Madden
LiveText Coordinator


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